Samay — free and open source meeting poll toolFind a time which works for everyone without the back-and-forth texts/emails!
1. Create a poll

Select the time slots (click and drag) based on your availability, and optionally enter the title, description and location. No login required.

The default poll type is "group" — to find a common time which works for everyone. If you want to have one-on-one meetings (parent-teacher meetings for example), select the "one-on-one" poll type.

2. Share the poll

Copy and share the poll link with the participants to let them mark their availability. No time zone confusion since Samay automatically shows participants times in their local time zone.

3. Book the meeting

In group polls, find the most popular times and see who's free with "yes" [] votes or who can be with "if need be" [] votes, book the meeting and share the final time with the participants! In one-on-one polls, find who has chosen which time slot for a one-on-one with you!